5 Reasons Dentists Should Have Scrub Caps

I personally hate the dentist. This is due to the general fun of braces when I was young and now checkups and waiting too long in between cleaning. It feels like my teeth are being sawn off.

Here are 5 reasons dentists should invest in scrub caps:

1 - Environmental Responsibility and Cost Saving

It's trendy to be environmentally friendly and if it also saves your practice buying more disposable items then it makes a business sense too.

2 - Better at combatting air contamination

One main study of scrub cap use Vs disposable scrub cap use found cotton was much for resiliate to airborne contamination when a test surgery was carried out. Having cleaner clothes means a cleaner clinic.

3 - Connect with your patients

Whether they are little kids or adults traumatised in youth. Having an interesting talking point or something to quickly bond over with you patients is going to have a big impact. 

You don't have long with many of them and if they are nervous to begin with than having a pattern of a classic cartoon or something nostalgic can help mitigate overwhelm and stress.

We all want to know the person behind the drill is someone like us!

4 - Even more professional appeal

With our Custom scrub hats we have designed logos and embroidered names into scrub caps for teams of surgeons and practices. Team work is core to the whole operation and having everyone under the same flag has always been a better working environment.

5 - Be Unique, Break the cycle of pain.

In a world of blue and white you want to stand out and not just blend in as another machine. You want your personality to show and not to get tainted by the painful work others have experienced before you. 

So take this next step and try a scrub cap that not only shows off you but can be embroidered with logos or names or phrases you can proudly take to work everyday.


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