Where To Buy Surgical Caps | Theatre Scrub Caps

Medicus Caps is the best place to buy your surgical caps for several reasons:

Surgical Caps Designed By Perioperative Nurse Romina

Designing surgical scrub caps that are not only comfortable but can handle the high heat to kill bacteria from surgery. We source fabrics from all over the world that have the highest quality.

Buy Surgical Caps to Save Hospital Resources

By choosing to have several reusable caps you can reduce your impact on hospital resources for disposable scrub caps. Of course disposable will always have a place for certain surgeries but reducing wider single use scrub caps goes a way to reducing waste overall.

Some bigger hospitals offer in house laundry services which can make it easier and so also save energy.

Surgical Scrub Caps Made In The UK

Instead of outsourcing just for the sake of maximising profit we are proud to hand make them all in Sheffield and pay living wages along with donating to charity.

Buy Your Surgical Scrub Caps From Medicus Caps

Medicus is latin for Surgeon and we make the only caps you need :)


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