Romi here from Medicus Caps and I want to write today about my response when senior staff first started trying to point out my cloth scrub caps where an infection control risk when there is a much more obvious risk around their necks.

Duty of care

As a healthcare professional you should be going all out and making sure the patients care is number one. This goes not only for what I wear but also hygiene and even the shoes I wear to work.

The same reason why they aren't checking our underwear every morning to make sure it's new should be the same for surgical scrub caps. Anyone claiming to be a professional in the medical field should be holding their self to the high standards their hospital or place of work.

Secret Life of Lanyards

Lanyards around doctors and surgeons necks for ID are being exposed for their risk of spreading infection in recent years. 

One of the most recent key studies was a short report called "Identification badge lanyards as infection control risk: a cross-sectional observation study with epidemiological analysis" from the journal of hospital infection you can find a full link to the report at the end of this post.

Key insights are striking in the summary:

"Lanyards had a mean age of 22 months and hygiene was poor with only 9% ever having been laundered. Molecular analysis showed that 26% of S. aureus nasal carriers shared an indistinguishable strain on their lanyard. Lanyards should not be recommended for staff in frontline clinical care"

Simple desicions big results

Whether visiting for a day or in your residency, the facts these seem to only be washed by accident brings up a much bigger infection risk control than cloth scrub caps, Lanyards.

At Medicus Caps we stand firm behind serving the professionals working to the highest standards of care and passion. Bringing more awareness to why only self respecting healthcare professionals choose Medicus Scrub Caps is part of their willingness to learn and grow as the field does day by day.

I wear a retractable ID badge holder to prevent this. I've already talked about in other blog posts the benefits of cloth scrub caps over reducing air contamination compared to disposable ones. 

So now wear your scrub cap with pride knowing just like you can be trusted to change your own underwear you can still show off your personality while being well within infection controls limits.

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