Medicus Scrub Caps

Uterus Pre-designed Embroidery - Scrub Cap

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Important Note: These caps are handmade from licensed fabrics and are not to be confused as official merchandise, products or gifts. We are not sponsored or working with any brands.

Are you sick of uncomfortable, disposable scrub caps? Me too.

I bet your one size fit all scrub cap, doesn't actually fit. Slippery and falling into your eyes or cutting off circulation to your ears and not to mention the waste no matter how cheap the hospital must get them. It's time to make a change, so why not go big!

The Long Game

Here at Medicus Caps we are focused on making sure we make caps in the most eco friendly way so they have an even bigger positive impact on the world compared to disposable scrub caps.

Our parent company La Romi takes the same approach across the board. Paying workers more than living wages. Responsibly sourcing materials for your beautiful scrub caps and making to order so there is as little waste as possible.

We are striving all the time to make sustainable moves from renewable power for our machines to proper disposal of all waste that can be recycled.

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