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Medicus Scrub Caps

Made In Britain

6 Styles From Tie Backs to Hijabs

Retail + Bulk Orders For Whole Hospitals

Sizes from XS to 2XL

Over 500 different prints

The Leader In Reusable Scrub Caps

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You can also select Bandana, Captain and Elastic Backed in any patterned fabrics.

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Estimated Disposable Scrub Caps Worldwide: 0 Caps Binned in 2023
That roughly equals: 0g CO2E

Eco Reuse Recycle Scrub Cap - Scrub Cap from Medicus Scrub Caps - Shop now at Medicus Scrub Caps - all, Nature, new-arrivals, Patterned Scrub Cap, scrub cap, Trees + Leaves

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Discover the Versatility of Scrub Caps: Explore a Variety of Styles and Customization Options.

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Embroidery Sizing Guides
Medicus Updates

Embroidery Sizing Guides

At Medicus Caps, we excel in crafting personalised embroidered caps that mirror the unique persona of the medical professionals wearing them. Our aim has always been to offer a perfect blend of sty...

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The CO2e of washing your Medicus scrub caps
Infection Control

The CO2e of washing your Medicus scrub caps

Factoring for home washing. Efficient washing plays a massive role in how sustainable the scrub caps are. Washing just 1 scrub cap on it’s own would be 0.135kg CO2e per wash per cap whereas fillin...

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A Hidden Cost In Disposable Scrub Caps

A Hidden Cost In Disposable Scrub Caps

Disposable scrub caps have long been a staple in healthcare settings for their ease of use and perceived cost-effectiveness. However, a deeper look reveals hidden costs associated with their dispos...

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