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Medicus Caps provides Bespoke Solutions For Reusable Scrub Caps

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Estimated Disposable Scrub Caps Worldwide: 0 Caps Binned in 2023
That roughly equals: 0g CO2E

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Each Scrub Cap Is Made To Order In The UK.

A Great Fitting Reusable Scrub Cap In Only 4 Simple Steps...

We specialise in great fitting, sustainable Scrub Caps for all sectors of theatres and even cancer patients.

We have the widest range of sizes and inclusive styles with custom embroidery and satin lining available.

  1. Choose A Pattern or Solid Colour for your cap.
  2. Choose Your Size and Style Of Cap.
  3. Choose any advanced customisation elements.
  4. Decide how fast you need it and pay.

If you can't see what you are looking for then just email us for dedicated support.

Choose A Company That Cares About

Reusable Scrub Cap Solutions

We started before it became cool in the pandemic and offer the most bespoke and custom packages for individuals to whole hospitals.

Get The Perfect Fit

We have 4 main styles with bespoke inclusive styles for Turban and Hijab wearers. With 5 sizes and flat pricing we are able to offer mix and match so no one is left out.

Made Under One Roof

We aren't just a sales organisation outsourcing production but finishing everything under one roof to ensure the highest quality control.


From carbon offsetting more than we produce (inc delivery to you) and providing facilities like recycling for trusts without access means our caps go the extra mile.

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The CO2e of washing your Medicus scrub caps

The CO2e of washing your Medicus scrub caps

Factoring for home washing. Efficient washing plays a massive role in how sustainable the scrub caps are. Washing just 1 scrub cap on it’s own would be 0.135kg CO2e per wash per cap whereas fillin...

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A Hidden Cost In Disposable Scrub Caps

A Hidden Cost In Disposable Scrub Caps

Disposable scrub caps have long been a staple in healthcare settings for their ease of use and perceived cost-effectiveness. However, a deeper look reveals hidden costs associated with their dispos...

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Medicus Scrub Caps LCA for plain scrub caps

Medicus Scrub Caps LCA for plain scrub caps

In the age of environmental responsibility, healthcare institutions must be pioneers in adopting sustainable practices. Medicus Cotton Scrub Caps set a new standard in medical apparel, offering an ...

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Get Your Ties Sorted


This is the above ear Captain style Vs the Classic Bandana style for coverage of ears and back of your head.

Captain Ties Scrub Cap

The Captain

Classic Bandana

Before/after Bouffant Tied

Compare tied and untied version of our bouffant style for those with lots of amazing hair they need to protect.

No Tied Bouffant

Tied Bouffant