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Article: Everything To Know About Theatre Hats

Everything To Know About Theatre Hats
Scrub Caps

Everything To Know About Theatre Hats

Your Surgical Cap Journey Begins Here

We are committed not only to providing you the best service but also the biggest platform for information when it comes to all things reusable scrub caps. This is the main menu if you will broken into categories for all the theatre hat articles we publish.

You can of course search articles and view the whole scrub cap blog.

Theatre Hat Basics

This is the 101 to getting into the scrub cap world and why it's impacts are here to stay rather than the waste from disposables.

What Is A Scrub Cap?

Can I Wear Scrub Caps With Long Hair?

Can I Wear Theatre Caps With A Hijab?

What Is A Bouffant Surgical Cap Style?

Does Wearing A Scrub Cap Cause Hair Loss?

Do I Need To Wear A Scrub Cap If I'm Bald?

Scrub Caps Vs Hair Nets

When To Wear Scrub Caps?

Do Male Nurses Wear Scrub Caps?

Surgical Cap Styles / Sizing Explained

There is quite a bit of jargon out there for surgical caps and style across the world so we wanted to break some of the most common questions down.

Help Choosing Scrub Cap Styles

Bouffant Vs Skull Cap Style

Scrub Cap Size Guide

Theatre Cap Washing + Care

We want our scrub caps to be with you for a very long time and correct washing is the best way to increase the life of it.

Scrub Cap Washing Recommendations

NHS Guidance on workwear and uniform washing

End Of Life Recycling For Scrub Caps

Customisation Of Scrub Caps

We cover lots of ways to customise your scrub caps from prints to embroidery and custom sizing and styles.

Personalise Theatre Hats

Embroidery Text Sizing Guide

Personalising Overview



Thinking Is Just Asking Questions

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NHS Guidance On Theatre Cap Workwear Washing
Infection Control

NHS Guidance On Theatre Cap Workwear Washing

All elements of the washing process contribute to the removal of micro-organisms on fabric. Detergents (washing powder or liquid) and agitation release any soiling from the clothes, which is then r...

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Theatre Scrub Cap Sizing
Scrub Caps

Theatre Scrub Cap Sizing

Generally as a point of reference if you measure around your head from the forehead then 55-60cm will feel fairly snug for small/medium. The main difference is the height of the forehead piece. thi...

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