Laundering Scrub Caps At Home Safely

Laundering hats at home is an important part of maintaining good hygiene in the workplace. If you're a healthcare worker, it's essential to have clean and well-maintained scrub caps to protect yourself and your patients. Here are some tips for laundering your hats at home:

First, it's important to have enough hats on hand to allow for laundry rotation. We recommend purchasing at least three hats each, but many of our customers purchase four hats each along with a laundry bag. That way, you can always have a clean hat ready to wear each day or shift. If your hat becomes contaminated, you'll want to change it more often.

When transporting dirty hats, be sure to keep them separate from clean ones. Our laundry bags are perfect for this purpose. Once you're ready to wash your hats, they should be washed at a temperature of 60 degrees or higher. They can also be tumble-dried and ironed (although our hats are crease resistant). In fact, our hats can be washed at up to 85 degrees, so they can also be laundered commercially if needed.

Some hospitals use colour coded scrub caps to signify the role of the clinician. However, there is no standardisation for this practice. If you work in a hospital, you may want to check and follow any local guidance on the use of colour coded hats.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your scrub caps are always clean and ready to wear.

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