Medicus Caps and a 'Greener NHS' with 100% Carbon Neutral Scrub Caps

In January 2020, NHS Chief Sir Simon Stevens launched a campaign called 'For a Greener NHS' with the goal of promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility within the National Health Service in the UK. The campaign aims to reduce the NHS's carbon footprint, save money, and improve patient care by implementing eco-friendly initiatives such as reducing single-use plastics and increasing the use of renewable energy.

At Medicus Scrub Caps, we are committed to supporting the goals of the 'For a Greener NHS' campaign. Our scrub caps are 100% carbon neutral and we have an end-of-life program to ensure that our products are disposed of in a responsible way. We believe that it is important for businesses in the healthcare industry to do their part in creating a more sustainable future.

By working together, we can create a healthcare system that is not only effective in treating patients, but also respectful of the environment. We are proud to support the 'For a Greener NHS' campaign and its efforts to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly healthcare system.

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