Recycle Theatre Hats: End Of Life For Scrub Caps Is Live!

Already Have Scrub Caps To Recycle?

This product is for purchasing guarantees for scrub caps you have purchased before we had the recycling scheme in place. Ideally you save them up and send bigger boxes rather than one by one.


Introducing The End Of Life Guarantee

We are super excited that Recycle Theatre Hats scheme called End Of Life For Scrub Caps Is Live! This is a service we have implemented with our recycling partners to ensure any scrub cap you purchase with us can be recycled responsibly. 

To add the service to an order simply check the box for end of life service and then when you send your cap just send in your order number with the cap you are sending back. Due to the cost of the system any caps sent back without this guarantee will go in normal recycling.

This service is £1 per cap which covers all running costs of the program and in future we plan to roll this out as a free service for UK customers late 2023. 

This means no matter how long you have your cap you can then send it back to us and we will recycle it for you. The £1 doesn't cover any shipping costs back to us at the moment as we roll out the plan. Should it be in high demand we can then renegotiate the pricing.

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We really are focused on providing not only the best service but collecting the most information on scrub caps and the benefits for your organisation and its patients. You can find our main article on everything you need to know about scrub caps here.


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