Surgical Caps: Ties Vs Elastic Bouffant Style

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This is about the main difference between the two styles we offer at Medicus Scrub Caps, Ties and Elastic Backed. Traditionally you would assume ties on a scrub cap for men and elastic backing for scrub caps for women. This isn't really the case due to a number of factors:

  • Need full coverage of hair
  • How much hair you have
  • How tight you like the fit
  • If you want the cap to cover your ears

To name but a few. Let's get into ties vs elastic.

Scrub Cap With Ties

These hats are great for a more form fitting surgical cap. The ties are part of the cap instead of being a separate means you get an even better form fit to your head. 

These are ideal for short or no hair to contour over your head and tie at the back. The sizing increases the top and the brim so you can also decide if you like a slightly smaller cap for a fit above the ears you can try that.

If you have longer hair you can still wear a ponytail and then have the ties go around the pony tail. This depends on the guidance where you work.

Scrub Cap With Elastic

This is built for longer hair to be kept covered completely. Because it's elastic the sizing is a bit more flexible. You can then choose a bigger size if you wanted a scrub cap for braids for example. 
Hair is usually tied up on a bun at the back and then the elastic scrub cap fit over the top.
But even if you don't have long hair and you want an easy cap you don't have to tie them the elastic one might be better for just popping on and covering your head.

Mix And Match

Depending on your workplace guidance you might even mix it up and have an elastic one for when you wear you hair up and ties for when you do a ponytail.

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