What Can Cause Customs Delays?

Customs 101

Customs are responsible for checking goods coming in to a country are safe, the correct description and if tax needs to be collected. When you send or order any item from one country to another customs processing times are not included in delivery estimates. 

Times Vary

Customs processing times for parcels and letters can vary in different countries for a number of reasons. Some of the factors that may contribute to variations in processing times include:

  1. Volume of mail: The volume of mail that a particular customs office processes can impact processing times. If a customs office receives a high volume of mail, it may take longer to process each individual parcel or letter.

  2. Regulations and policies: Different countries may have different regulations and policies regarding the import of goods, which can impact the time it takes to process parcels and letters. For example, a country with strict regulations on the import of certain types of goods may take longer to process parcels containing those items.

  3. Staffing levels: The staffing levels of a particular customs office can also impact processing times. If an office is understaffed, it may take longer to process the incoming mail.

  4. Infrastructure: The infrastructure of a particular customs office, including the technology and equipment available, can also affect processing times. If an office has outdated or insufficient technology, it may take longer to process the incoming mail.

  5. Other priorities: Customs offices may also have other priorities that may impact the processing of parcels and letters. For example, they may prioritize the processing of mail related to urgent or time-sensitive matters.

Overall, the specific reasons for variations in customs processing times in different countries will depend on the specific circumstances of each individual office.

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