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A scrub cap is a type of headwear that is worn by medical professionals in the operating room. It is typically made from cotton or nylon and covers the hair, ears, neck and even shoulders to provide protection from surgical debris.

Medicus Cap make 100% cotton scrub caps to help with sweat, 60% less plastic compared to its poly-cotton counterparts. We do elastic backing for full hair covering and even do Hijab Scrub Caps and other models for full face and neck covering.

The scrub cap protects the wearer's hair and skin from contact with infectious material such as blood, body fluids, and tissue. It also prevents contamination of the wearer's clothing. The use of a scrub cap can reduce exposure to infectious organisms by up to 80% - 90% depending on the studies you look at.

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We really are focused on providing not only the best service but collecting the most information on scrub caps and the benefits for your organisation and its patients. You can find our main article on everything you need to know about scrub caps here.

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We are passionate about scrub caps to the point every scrub cap is made to order. We want to make each scrub cap just for you to your specs.

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Whether you go for a licensed print like Marvel or Disney you can also design your own fabric with us which is great for teams and even whole hospitals.

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We are focused on sustainable solutions with more care than the traditional image of factory work. We are a small team that scales to fulfill orders and we only make scrub caps.

Our focus is on making your sustainable change as smooth and as personal as your journey.

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