Medicus Caps Presents

Custom Embroidered Theatre Scrub Caps

Whether you have a design in mind already or want one of our premade ones. We design, manufacture and ship under one roof. Every scrub cap is made to order.

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Keep It Simple

Plain Colour Theatre Scrub Caps

We make EVERY scrub cap to order so we don't waste fabric or make lots of a size no one uses that much. This means you get what you order from our team quality checking along the way.

You can add text to plain caps too and any questions or if you want us to make the order for you then just email on

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Surgical Scrub Caps That

Make You Look Fit!

Fit is very important and with 4 sizes as standard we want even the plain scrub caps to fit perfectly. Every scrub cap is made to order so if you need a slight tweak of room to fold it up for example, just let us know in the order notes and we will reach out.

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Why Not make it out of this world

Custom Printed Fabric Scrub Caps

We do everything under one roof at Medicus Caps. From designing to making and shipping. This means we can also offer custom fabric design for scrub caps that want to make a statement all over.

Email us for a custom fabric scrub cap quote.

From DR WHo To

Dr Who That?!

Having your own custom scrub cap or even a plain one with your name and role on means better relationships with your team and patients.

Make Your Own Scrub Cap
Personalised and custom scrub caps we our day to day mission. Every scrub cap we make is made form scratch when you order. This make custom scrub caps easy to tailor to your needs.