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Bear / Woodland Camping Summer Scrub Cap

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About This Scrub Cap

Introducing our new surgical scrub cap, inspired by the great outdoors! This scrub cap features a playful print of woodland creatures in the woods, perfect for anyone who loves animals or simply wants to bring a bit of nature into their work.

But this scrub cap isn't just stylish - it's also practical. Our scrub caps fit much better with more sizes and styles, meaning you'll no longer have to suffer through the poor fit of disposable caps. Plus, our scrub caps are made from any licensed fabric, so you won't have to worry about confusing it with official merchandise.

In addition to being comfortable and stylish, our scrub caps also have a positive impact on the environment. By replacing disposable caps with reusable ones, 20 theaters can save about 100,000 disposable caps per year and £15,000 going in the bin. That's a significant reduction in waste!

But the benefits of our scrub caps don't stop there. Studies in the UK have shown that when a scrub cap has a name and role embroidered on it, there is an increase in name recall amongst staff from 42 to 85%, and an increase in name and role introductions during the surgical safety checklist from 38 to 90%. This means that our scrub caps can actually improve team interaction and communication in the operating room.

And when it comes to comfort and safety, our scrub caps are top-notch. We use 100% cotton for its hypoallergenic qualities, and offer latex-free elastic as an option. Plus, every scrub cap is made to order, ensuring great quality control and reducing waste. And best of all, every scrub cap is made in the UK, from sourcing the materials to embroidery and sewing.

So why wait? Upgrade your scrub cap game with one of our stylish and practical surgical scrub caps, inspired by the great outdoors.

    Quick Backstory

    The founders Matt and Romi had very time consuming jobs and wanted to create meaningful change through what people call today "side hustle". Romi is a Perioperative Nurse and Matt works in the film industry. 

    Deciding out of hundreds of options they went with what they knew. Expecting a baby they setup La Romi and wanting to make a positive change in surgery with Medicus Caps

    Laser Focus

    Instead of going broad we wanted to focus on delivering the best service and product. This is more than a one person making this happen.

    • All handmade to order and with remote workers to scale for any project size.
    • We have design team in house for custom fabrics or digitising and designing embroidery.
    • Wide range of designs and patterns from all over the world.
    • Various sizes and styles for keeping your hair in with turban styles and custom specs available on request.
    • Hypoallergenic cotton for all skin types.

    Here To Take Customer Service To The Next Level

    Let us know what your project needs are and we can walk you through it. Email the best time to call you back on:

    The Long Game

    Here at Medicus Caps we are focused on making sure we make caps in the most eco friendly way so they have an even bigger positive impact on the world compared to disposable scrub caps.

    Our parent company La Romi takes the same approach across the board. Paying workers more than living wages. Responsibly sourcing materials for your beautiful scrub caps and making to order so there is as little waste as possible.

    We are striving all the time to make sustainable moves from renewable power for our machines to proper disposal of all waste that can be recycled.

    100% Cotton Scrub Caps

    We went with 100% cotton to reduce the use of plastic compared the the polycotton mixes. This also means it can handle more washes but we are still testing.

    Our Scrub caps are also hypoallergenic and by December 2022 all our elastic will be Latex Free.

    Scrub Caps Made To Order

    One of the biggest ways we save resources and cut down on waste is making all scrub hats to order. This means we are never over stocked or have hundreds of caps in a warehouse somewhere hoping someone will buy. 

    This also means our quality control is second to none. Your order is made just how you like it and we encourage anyone choosing Medicus scrub caps to leave notes on their order for tweaks to make their cap perfect.

    Treating Our Staff Properly 

    We are proud to be paying our staff a living wage for their work and invest a lot in training and culture of making the best products we can for all our customers. Staff should be in comfortable conditions and able to do their best work!

    Now Carbon Neutral

    We have finally been able to be verified as carbon neutral. We have more information on carbon neutral scrub caps here. 

    Get a set of scrub cap on us!

    We are rewarding all our loyal customers by giving them the chance to get a set of scrub caps FREE of charge!

    How can you take advantage of it? Is very simple,

    just follow this link:


    ⇒ Provide your name and email address. * So we can contact you for your free hats!*

    ⇒ Provide details of the person in charge of purchasing in your theatre department.

    ⇒ Once they have successfully engaged with us and set up an account for purchasing, we will be in touch with you to arrange your free hats.

    ⇒ The more hospitals you refer, the more hats you get. As simple as that! *just fill as many forms as needed, one per hospital*

    We will even cover the shipping cost!


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