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Medicus Scrub Cap Gift Card

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Why You Deserve A Hand Made Scrub Cap

  • Fit Fit Fit = You are sick of the poor fit of the disposable one
  • Your Climate Impact = 20 theatres with reusable scrub caps replace about 100,000 disposable caps a year. 
  • You Value Team Interaction = UK studies have shown increased name recall amongst staff from 42 to 85%, increased name and role introductions during the surgical safety checklist from 38 to 90%.
  • Hypoallergenic = We opt for 100% cotton for its' hypoallergenic qualities.
  • Infection control Coming Around = More and more studies and practices are coming so momentum is shifting from the original norm. See More Below:

Infection Control Studies:

4/5 Physicians Misidentified For Role

More than 200 internal medicine residents, male and female, at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston were given staff badges displaying their occupational title ("Doctor"). Two months later, 111 of them completed a survey (55.0% of them women) and four out of five participants reported having been misidentified in the past. 

Women were more than three times as likely than men to say they had experienced role misidentification in the past.


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Medicus Scrub Cap Gift Card Sale price$18.25 USD