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Medicus Caps

Adult/Child Face Masks

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How This Works

To save time uploading all the patterns we have for caps as masks will take too long as we want to always focus on our core business of scrub caps.

  1. Select the size you want
  2. Enter the name of the scrub cap listing for the material you want
  3. Add additional carbon filters (1 is included)

NOTICE: Due to low staff we are saving time by adding a reference of the fabric print followed by how the mask looks otherwise we need to spend hundreds of hours for all our prints. We are taking more pictures as they are made to order.

These are fully fitted masks with amazing prints on them to make them practical and unique.

These also include a PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter for better protection than just the triple cotton alone. The filters themselves aren't washable but are easily replaced or with your own filter of your choosing. 

The maximum wearing time for the mask filter is around 69 hours in testing so should last a few months if only using in shops. These filters haven't been tested against Covid-19 but with 3 layers of fabric on top of the filter you have a better chance than the £1 ones from Amazon.

There is also a bendable metal nose ridge to better fit to your face and help prevent steaming up on glasses or breathing in your eyes.

We hand make these in London and are starting to increase production but for now doing limited runs so keep a lookout for more fabric choices.