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Where Skull Caps Ever Banned In The US?

Where Skull Caps Ever Banned In The US?

Myth: AORN Banned Scrub Caps In 2014

A big battle happened with Bouffant vs Scrub Caps from AORN's own website in 2017: "There is a common belief that AORN has urged the elimination of surgeon’s skull caps and mandated the use of bouffant caps. This misrepresentation continues to be perpetuated in recently published studies, expert opinion pieces, and media reports. Thus, AORN wishes to correct this misinformation..." - Full Article

This originally come from them proposing scrub caps had to cover all hair and even ears to prevent shedding of skin and hair and increased contamination. Lots of articles then took that to mean an effective ban on Scrub Caps.

However studies after this misconception occurred found that in Bouffant vs Scrub Caps:

"Two studies found no difference in rates of surgical site infections (ssI) before and after implementation of the AORN guidelines in over 40,000 combined patients.6,7 Another study found that disposable bouffant hats performed inferiorly to skull caps (both disposable and cloth) with regard to “permeability, particulate contamination, and greater microbial shed.”8 A reanalysis of data from a hair clipping and ssI study found no relationship between the surgeon’s type of hair covering and rate of ssI.9" - Find the full article and references here

Result: Bouffant vs Scrub Caps

We offer 2 styles of scrub cap in the more skull type tie version and the elastic backed version which is better for covering more hair and even ears in a bigger size.

Which ever you choose we have the cap for you. We do lots of customisation of scrub caps from embroidery to even whole custom prints. For a completely customised service you an reach us using the chat button at the bottom right of this age or email us direct at support@medicuscaps.com

Learn more about Scrub Caps

We really are focused on providing not only the best service but collecting the most information on scrub caps and the benefits for your organisation and its patients. You can find our main article on everything you need to know about scrub caps here.

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