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The Medicus Group LTD Logo - a shield with an M in the centre to show trust and strength in our designs.The Medicus Group LTD Logo - a shield with an M in the centre to show trust and strength in our designs.
New Feature: Embroidery Comfort Backing

New Feature: Embroidery Comfort Backing

Comfort Is King On A 12hr Shift

At Medicus Caps, we understand the importance of comfort and protection for healthcare professionals. That's why we've decided to add the option of a "comfort backing" into our embroidery process for our scrub caps.

Adding a comfort backing to embroidery serves as a barrier between the skin and the embroidered design, reducing the potential for irritation. This is especially important for larger and more complex embroidery designs that are often placed on the front of scrub caps.

It's also important to factor in this cover for those with no hair that may have embroidery on the side of their scrub caps. Though usually names haven't caused issues for our wearers in the past we are getting more requests for logos on the front of caps were they are the tightest.

What Is Comfort Backing?

The comfort backing we use is a soft, breathable material that sits between the embroidery and the scrub cap. This not only provides added protection for the skin, but also adds an extra layer of comfort. This means less itching and discomfort while wearing a scrub cap all day.

We've also found that the comfort backing helps to prolong the life of the embroidery. Without the added barrier, the embroidery can wear out faster due to friction against the skin. The comfort backing helps to protect the embroidery, keeping it looking new for longer.

comfort backing for embroidered scrub caps

It's just one more way that we're working to make our products the best they can be for the hardworking healthcare professionals who wear them.

At Medicus Caps, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and make them more comfortable for our customers. We believe that our comfort backing is just one of the many ways we can achieve this goal.

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