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UK Tax Relief On Washing Scrub Caps At Home

UK Tax Relief On Washing Scrub Caps At Home

We know that as hospital theatre professionals, you go through a lot of uniforms, especially scrub caps, that require regular cleaning. The good news is that you might be eligible for some tax relief on these expenses!

Tax Relief On Washing Scrub Caps At Home

According to the UK government's guidance on job expenses for uniforms, work clothing, and tools, you can claim tax relief on flat rate expenses if you're employed and you clean your work uniform at your own expense. This is known as a flat rate expense, which allows you to claim tax relief for a standard amount each tax year. The amount you can claim depends on your job and the industry you work in​.

It's important to note that a uniform, for this purpose, is considered to be a set of specialised clothing that identifies someone as having a particular occupation. You cannot claim tax relief for everyday clothing you wear for work, even if you must wear certain designs or colours. Also, if your employer provides a laundering service and you choose not to use it, you will not be able to claim the tax relief​​.

To check if you're eligible to claim, how much you can claim, and how to claim, you can use the online service provided by the government​​. There's also a handy 'List of industries and jobs' table to work out how much tax relief you can claim. If your employer pays towards your expenses, you should deduct the amount they pay to get the figure you can claim. 

Relevant Industries Table

If you claim a flat rate expense of £125 and pay tax at a rate of 20% in that year, you will pay £25 less tax. Visit the full table here.

If your industry and job are not shown, you can claim a flat rate expense amount of £60.

Industry Job
Flat rate expense amount £
Health and care staff employed by the National Health Service, private hospitals, local authorities and independent care providers b. nurses, midwives, chiropodists, dental nurses, occupational, speech, physiotherapists and other therapists, healthcare assistants, domiciliary care workers, phlebotomists and radiographers

shoes and stockings or tights allowance (where everyone is required to wear the same colour or style)

12 shoes
6 tights or stockings


Remember, if you're claiming a flat rate expense, you do not need to keep a record of what you have spent or any receipts. However, if you want to claim the exact amount you have spent on expenses, you must keep receipts and make a claim by post​.


We hope this information helps you understand your rights when it comes to claiming expenses for maintaining your uniforms, including your Medicus scrub caps.

Stay clean, stay professional, and keep saving! 

P.S. Always consult with a tax professional or advisor to ensure you're making the most of your possible deductions!

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