Bulk Order Scrub Caps From 10 to 10,000+

We pride ourselves on catering for everyone bulk order scrub caps. From the largest selection of sizes to styles to providing scrub caps for individuals, teams or whole trusts and hospitals. 

We also can do custom printed fabrics or embroidery all in house. Whether you need to have just name and role or printed fabric with embroidered logo we have you covered.

The Future Is Decentralised 

Rather than having lots of costly overheads we adopted a decentralised approach (all the rage in cryptocurrency) being able to deal with large volume orders in record times while still insuring our high quality control. All in the UK.

Tax Exemption For UK Customers

If you are a charity or a national organisation you can apply to be VAT Exempt when ordering Scrub Caps for your Clinic, Charity or Hospital. You can find out the criteria for being VAT Exempt for scrub caps.