Custom Surgical Cap With Name And Role

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How To Make Scrub Cap With Name And Role

Scrub Caps with name a role have several benefits. Firstly if you add name and role to your scrub cap then you are less likely to be misidentified for your role. One Survey at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, four out of five participants reported having been misidentified in the past

Patient facing staff can also benefit from better patient interactions with name role so communication is improved and names remembered. This is the same for teams that may not always work together. You can quickly understand everyones name and role making for faster bonding.

Note: We are not able to do copyrighted designs in embroidery without the owners permission. We can suggest non copyright alternatives in some instances for Personalised Scrub Caps.

The Medicus Caps Promise

  • Fit Fit Fit = You are sick of the poor fit of the disposable one
  • Your Climate Impact = 20 theatres with reusable scrub caps replace about 100,000 disposable caps a year. 
  • You Value Team Interaction = UK studies have shown increased name recall amongst staff from 42 to 85%, increased name and role introductions during the surgical safety checklist from 38 to 90%.
  • Our Plain Cap Fabric Is The Highest QualityEN71, Chromium VI & Oeko-tex Standard 100
  • Hypoallergenic = We opt for 100% cotton for its' hypoallergenic qualities and your Elastic is Latex Free from December 2022.
  • Made in the UK = Sourcing material to embroidery and sewing together. We do it all in the UK for our plain scrub caps. 
  • Every Personalised Scrub Caps is made to order = Great way to reduce waste and massively improve quality control.