A Study of Different Operating Room Headgear Assessed by Environmental Quality Indicators

Study design: Disposable bouffant and skull cap hats and newly laundered cloth skull caps were tested. A mock surgical procedure was used in a dynamic operating room environment. Airborne particulate and microbial contaminants were sampled. Hat fabric was tested for permeability, particle transmission, and pore sizes.
Results: No significant differences were observed between disposable bouffant and disposable skull caps with regard to particle or actively sampled microbial contamination. However, when compared with disposable skull caps, disposable bouffant hats did have significantly higher microbial shed at the sterile field, as measured by passive settle plate analysis (p < 0.05). When compared with cloth skull caps, disposable bouffants yielded higher levels of 0.5 μm and 1.0 μm particles and significantly higher microbial shed detected with passive analysis. Fabric assessment determined that disposable bouffant hats had larger average and maximum pore sizes compared with cloth skull caps, and were significantly more permeable than either disposable or cloth skull caps.
Conclusions: Disposable bouffant hats had greater permeability, penetration, and greater microbial shed, as assessed by passive microbial analysis compared with disposable skull caps. When compared with cloth skull caps, disposable bouffants yielded greater permeability, greater particulate contamination, and greater passive microbial shed. Disposable style bouffant hats should not be considered superior to skull caps in preventing airborne contamination in the operating room.
Copyright © 2017 American College of Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Read full article Here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29106842/

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