Scrub Caps Embroidery Text Size Guide

Default Text Sizes and Fonts

This is to give you a ball park for the size of any added names to scrub caps. This is on a medium/large cap so do bare this in mind because the smaller scrub caps have less material height and the larger material have more.

We do size 2 as a standard size if you don't choose another.

New Fonts - Block / Script

We have added 2 new fonts to the collection of the default so you have more customisation options as defaults. 

Note: If we don't think it's going to look good or legible then we will reach out first.



This is what the placements look like:

Data + Emotion = Change

Transparent CO2e Calculator

We are proud to be the first and only (so far) to calculate our life cycle CO2 with the highest accuracy for manufacturing because it's all we make.

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