Shipping Leading Up To Christmas 2022

We hand make everything and so make them in a queue they are ordered unless it's for a special occasion. For that reason we say items are made and sent within 2 weeks of ordering. Of course we are always trying to get items out as fast as possible :)

It's of course you can always get in touch via email or whatsapp us on +447999818928.

-------- Updated 10th December --------

IMPORTANT: Royal Mail Strikes + Delays

Unfortunately Royal mail have been striking for 12 days over the last month and that has meant parcels that are on the basic shipping method are left till last to process. We are also only able to claim after a set number of days depending on the destination and the service. 

Pleas do get in touch so we can help you try to track your parcel and if you need an item for a specific window of time then the best services are UPS ones.

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Transparent CO2e Calculator

We are proud to be the first and only (so far) to calculate our life cycle CO2 with the highest accuracy for manufacturing because it's all we make.

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