"The Mullet" Scrub Cap

"The Mullet" scrub cap gets it's name for being smart and sensible in the front but a party in the back!

The idea of this is so you can keep a more professional plain scrub cap with embroidery with names and role but then party it up in the back with custom fabric from any of the other designs we sell. 

Medicus mullet scrub cap

Pictures, fonts and colours in pictures are for example purposes only. If you need or want something different just send us an email. 

Simply copy the link of the other fabric you and then select your main body of cap colour and we can match them up. It's also easy to add embroidery or logos to the design too.

To take it one step further you can even get custom designed fabric for the back. Get in touch if you have any ideas and we are happy to cater.

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We are proud to be the first and only (so far) to calculate our life cycle CO2 with the highest accuracy for manufacturing because it's all we make.

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