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The Medicus Group LTD Logo - a shield with an M in the centre to show trust and strength in our designs.The Medicus Group LTD Logo - a shield with an M in the centre to show trust and strength in our designs.
Exciting Updates to Medicus Caps Embroidery Options

Exciting Updates to Medicus Caps Embroidery Options

Enhanced Comfort and New Pricing

Embroidery Options at Medicus Caps

At Medicus Caps, we are passionate about providing medical professionals with personalized scrub caps that are not only professional in appearance but also carry a personal touch. Our custom embroidery service allows you to bring your unique designs to life, whether it’s your name, initials, or any symbol that holds significance in your medical journey. Understanding the intricacies of embroidery, we are always ready to offer alternatives or modifications for designs that may not be directly suitable for embroidery, ensuring your vision is realized in the best possible way.

Respecting Intellectual Property

We take intellectual property rights seriously. Hence, we steer clear of embroidering copyrighted designs without explicit permission. However, our creative team is adept at suggesting and crafting non-copyrighted designs that beautifully encapsulate your personal style while adhering to legal standards.

Pricing Update

Beginning January 7th, 2024, we are updating our pricing for embroidery services. Text personalizations will now be priced at £6, adjusted from the previous £5.35. For logos and vector designs, the cost will be set at £9, up from £8.35. This adjustment is a reflection of our commitment to delivering high-quality embroidery that meets your expectations.

Introducing Comfort Backing

Comfort Is King On A 12hr Shift

Recognizing the demanding nature of healthcare professions and the long hours spent in medical attire, Medicus Caps is introducing a "comfort backing" option in our embroidery process. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with larger or more complex embroidery designs, as it acts as a gentle barrier between the skin and the embroidery, minimizing potential irritation.

What Is Comfort Backing?

Our comfort backing is a soft, breathable material that sits between the embroidery and the scrub cap. It not only safeguards your skin against irritation but also enhances overall comfort, especially crucial for those wearing these caps for extended periods. Additionally, the comfort backing extends the life of the embroidery by reducing friction against the skin, ensuring that your personalized design remains pristine for longer.

Enhanced Product Durability

By integrating comfort backing into our embroidered scrub caps, we aim to enhance the durability and lifespan of our products. It’s another step towards ensuring that our scrub caps meet the high standards expected by healthcare professionals.

Our Commitment to Quality and Comfort

At Medicus Caps, our mission is to continually improve our products, focusing on comfort and functionality. The introduction of comfort backing is a testament to our dedication to the well-being of healthcare professionals who trust our products daily.

In conclusion, these updates and enhancements to our embroidery options and the introduction of comfort backing underscore our commitment to delivering high-quality, comfortable, and personalized scrub caps. We look forward to seeing how you personalize your scrub caps and make them an integral part of your professional wardrobe. Thank you for your continued trust in Medicus Caps.

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