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Scrub Cap Etiquette

Scrub Cap Etiquette

As a healthcare professional, maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness protocols in the workplace is critically important for patient safety. This includes following proper scrub cap etiquette.

Scrub caps or surgical caps were designed to keep hair and bacteria away from the surgical field. While many facilities now use disposable caps, some are switching to sustainable options like those offered by Our reusable, eco-friendly scrub caps are made of antimicrobial materials to help keep patients safe.

No matter what type of scrub cap you wear, following proper etiquette is essential. Here are some key tips on wearing, handling, and disposing of your scrub cap:

  • Cover your head fully - Your cap should completely contain all hair. Make sure long braids, buns, or ponytails are tucked completely inside the cap.
  • Wash your hands - Always wash your hands thoroughly before putting on your scrub cap. Avoid touching your hair and scalp as you put it on for optimal cleanliness.
  • Fit it snugly - The cap should fit securely on your head without being too tight. If it's loose, hair can slip out. Tie straps properly for the right fit.
  • Never share caps - Never share your scrub cap with other staff. Wear a new sterile cap for each procedure or patient.
  • Handle with care - Be careful not to contaminate your cap by setting it down on dirty surfaces. Store properly between uses.
  • Change when soiled - If your cap falls on the floor or becomes heavily soiled during a procedure, switch to a clean replacement cap immediately.
  • Remove properly - Untie or unsnap your cap from behind and pull it off without touching your hair or face. Discard or launder appropriately.
  • Wash reusable caps - Follow the washing instructions for your reusable scrub caps, like those offered by Medicus Caps. Use high washing heat and tumble dry.

Following basic scrub cap protocols helps maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens in healthcare settings. By exercising proper scrub cap etiquette, you keep both patients and staff members safe.

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