Key Scrub Cap Terms

We want some key terms that you must agree to so we can best serve you. We make all our scrub caps to order so time and effort is directly attributed to each cap rather than the usual mass production where items are constantly going down in value once produced.

1 - Customised items such as embroidery or satin lined scrub caps or licensed fabric scrub caps cannot be refunded or exchanged for poor fit unless down to errors in shipping or manufacture. Example being you received the wrong size cap.

Plain scrub caps can be swapped for just the price of postage and the original item being posted back to us. Please order a refundable sample box for getting the perfect fit before buying a printed fabric.

2 - Scrub caps are made to order and in a queue so of you need a scrub cap urgently then choose same day dispatch at checkout. Processing times vary depending on embroidery with text only being fast and image embroidery being slower due to digitisation.

3 - Any scrub caps with licensed fabrics are not to be confused with merchandise from the licence holder. The holders sell fabric under licence to 3rd parties and we then make the scrub caps.

4 - We cannot embroider or make custom printed fabric with a licensed image or logo without written permission from the copyright holder. For example embroidery of Mickey Mouse or other trademarked characters or your own custom printed fabric with trademarked characters as we don't have the rights to reproduce without permission from the license holder. 

We do this out of respect for other peoples work just like we wouldn't want our designs or logos copied without our permission.

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Transparent CO2e Calculator

We are proud to be the first and only (so far) to calculate our life cycle CO2 with the highest accuracy for manufacturing because it's all we make.

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