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Medicus Caps

Stop Covid-19 Badge Pre-designed Embroidery - Scrub Cap





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Get the logo in the pictures with a combination of text added to the side or front of the cap. 

This is a very cool print made of 100% cotton for Scrub Surgical Hat / Chef Hat. 

This Surgical Scrub Hat with elastic or ties is attractive and fitted. All my products are handmade with 💗 by Romi!

Ties Or Elastic?

Depending on if you have a lot of hair or not we have two different options for securing the hat to your head.

Surgical Scrub Caps | Medicus Scrub Caps

Ties are more for shorter hair as longer hair could poke out from. Elastic is better for more hair and so generally recognised as a female style, but of course anyone can buy any type.

The elastic is only the rear part of the cap so to keep your forehead mark free and comfortable.

Size Guide

Size of all the caps is based on different diameters, specially taking into account the volume of the hair. 
Small - Medium : Best for short to medium length hair with a smaller head.
Medium - Large : Best for medium to long hair or bigger head.

Custom Sizes / Modifications

Custom sizes are available on request. 

If you need a theatre hat with any modification or different measurements, fabric print or sizes, please don't hesitate to contact us first!

All orders are shipped within 3-7 days after purchase and will be recorded post.

All products are made by hand, so the finished product might not completely match to the one in the picture and there may be some extra delays if we get bulk orders.

The Story Behind The Hats:

I work in surgery as a theatre scrub nurse and in the past have had to wear disposable theatre hats. The problem with disposable ones is having to throw away hundreds of hats a year after each surgery day ends. Not to mention looking depressing and bland. They are also have no perks like elastic to better fit the head and often slip down or even completely off.

In theatre I wanted to not only show of individuality and colour to patients but an eco-friendly alternative that is also saving the NHS money that can go on more useful things. Join me in brightening up surgery as a celebration of our work to help others and show off your personality.

If you were looking for a different personalised theatre /scrub / kitchen / surgical hat, this is the listing for you! Here you will be able to pick you own fabric design and model. All our fabrics are 100% cotton.

VERY IMPORTANT: When choosing the design, please contact me before hand to make sure the listing is adjusted to your specific needs.

There are three types of hats available:

Surgical Scrub Hat with elastic is attractive and fitted.
Surgical Scrub Hat with ties is attractive, fitted and adjustable.
Surgical Scrub Hat for ponytail. fitted with elastic and two ties.

All my products are handmade with 💗 by me!

Unisex/male with ties:

Small – medium : 8cm (Best for short to medium length hair)
Medium – large : 10cm (Best for medium to long hair)

Unisex/ Female with elastic:

Small – medium : Best for short to medium length hair
Medium – large : Best for medium to long hair
However, custom sizes are available on request.

Unisex/ Female for ponytail with elastic and ties:

Small – medium : Best for small to medium length amount
Medium – large : Best for heavy amount and long hair
However, custom sizes are available on request.

All orders are shipped within 3-7 days after purchase and will be recorded post. When ordering please state the number corresponding the desired fabric.

All products are made by hand, so finished products might not be all exactly the same.